Our Philosophy

At Little Sparrows Leamington we believe that children deserve the best care and education possible. Provided in a safe and inspiring learning environment with high quality teaching and leadership. Your child will be supported and extended as they embark on their learning journey, as we equip tamariki with the necessary skills that will set them up for a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

We will nurture and empower your child as they grow and develop in a welcoming, warm, caring and creative learning environment.  This will encourage their natural desire to make sense of the world around them, giving them the opportunity to acquire knowledge through active exploration within a whanau like setting.  We strongly believe in integrity and equality irrespective of age, ability, gender or ethnicity; all children are valued members of our learning community and we  cherish the individuality of each and every one.

Our values…

WHAKAMANA: empowering our akonga to reach their highest potential by providing high-quality teaching and leadership.

MANAAKITANGA: to provide hospitality, kindness, generosity and support to all akonga. Working in a cooperative manner showing respect, generosity and care for others in the way they learn and interact. Taking care of our akonga, our environment; embracing the role of kaitiaki.

PONO: showing integrity by acting in ways that are fair, honest, ethical and just.

WHANAUNGATANGA: relationships, kinship, sense of family connection with our tangata whenua – a relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides our people with a sense of belonging. Responsive, reciprocal, grounded in respect and trust.